The Revolutionary Jump Wing!


What height jumps can I make?
You can make a wide variety of jumps from 10cm up to a 1.05m. The wings will take any length of pole to make extra short skinny fences to standard width jumps
What type/size poles can I use with my jump wings?

The safer equine jump wings are designed to take a variety of poles from plastic to more traditional wooden poles. You can use any length of pole you like. They are the perfect size for standard 3.5 inch diameter poles but will accommodate slightly larger.

Can I attach flags to my jump wings?
Yes we have designed the jump wings to take British Eventing (BE) standard safety flags. The flags slot in between the nuggets provided with your wing. The flags will come away from the wing should your horse catch them. We recommend you only use BE standard flags as they are specifically designed to crumple under the weight of a horse or rider in order to prevent injury.
Can I clean my jump wings?
Yes they are very easy to clean with water and washing up liquid.
What colour jump wings can I order?
Currently we offer them in red and white  but other colours are available by special request.
Can I personalise my jump wings?
Yes we offer personalised laser etching by special order, please call us to discuss your needs.
Can I leave my jump wings outside?
Yes. They are water proof and therefore frost resistant however to keep them looking at their best we’d recommend you keep them under cover and don’t lay any heavy objects on or against them as this may mark the foam. We recommend keeping out of direct sun light as they may fade following prolonged sunlight exposure.
How much do the jump wings weigh?
Each wing weighs a mere 1.5kg making them very light weight and easy to move around the arena and transport.